The 5:2 diet now becomes known as the Fast Diet

…and it really does work! I have now lost a stone and feel great! What’s more, I have just been on holiday in Australia for three weeks, only put on one pound, didn’t have to worry for one moment, because I knew that as soon as I came back I only had to do one day’s “fasting” and I could lose a couple of pounds immediately (and I just did). It’s not really fasting – you can eat 500 calories, and for me that’s a slightly smaller breakfast and lunch, very light snacks, and a low calorie evening meal, no alcohol. You only have to do this for two days a week at first until you get to your target weight, then you can go to one day a week fasting, and it doesn’t matter if you miss a week or two.

Michael Moseley now has a book out called The Fast Diet and it is number one in the UK non-fiction charts – click through to my recommended books page to purchase a copy – get started now!

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