Wendy playing golf

Go with the Flow – Qi Gong and Golf

Okay Okay – enough is ENOUGH!  The new international golf handicap system has meant that my handicap has gone up and up alarmingly (like most other golfers’ handicaps).

I am putting a stop to it NOW. I have set myself a challenge  – I AM GOING TO REDUCE MY HANDICAP.

I have been playing golf for 17 years now and my handicap hasn’t come down much.  I have never been happy with my game.  All this time I have been searching for the magic answer to improving my game, just like all other golfers.  And just like all other golfers I have not found the answer.


I have recently gone back to practising Qi Gong regularly and the main aim of this is to allow your energy to flow.  It  suddenly dawned on me the other day that Qi Gong is perfect for golf for this very reason.  In golf, as in all other sports and activities, we need to get into the flow in order to achieve our best results. 

I am going to keep a diary of my progress, starting from when I decided last week.  Hold tight – this is going to be a bumpy ride but come along with me.  We will get there together and it will be fun!

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