Still maintaining my weight almost one year on using the 5:2 diet

Just touching base – this is still working well for me, and I am by no means having to do the “lean” day even once a week. I could call it my 6:1 occasional diet now, so there’s hope for anyone out there thinking this is terribly boring or arduous – believe me, if it were, I wouldn’t be doing it! I believe in enjoying all the good food in life. But this occasional low calorie day is so do-able. I just pick a day when I’m too busy to think about snacks. A day when I am out around about 6-7pm is good for me. This is my normal time when I am thinking about a glass of wine and preparing some food (cook’s nips!). If I am out at this time, when I come in it is too late to eat much, so it is easy to have a light meal. And I can always go to bed early if I am a bit hungry still – there is always the next day to look forward to when I can eat again!

I can’t recommend this “diet” enough – try it, and you will see and feel for yourself the amazing results.

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