Books for Practitioners and Students

The Foundations of Chinese Medicine - Giovanni Maciocia
Another "classic" textbook for the Shiatsu student. Very clear, detailed explanation of Chinese Medicine.
Shiatsu Theory and Practice - Carola Beresford-Cooke
You just can't study Shiatsu without this one! An invaluable source of information on meridians, TCM and Zen Shiatsu theory.
Acupuncture Points : Images and Functions - Arnie Lade Detailed descriptions of 250 of the most widely used points, with their Chinese names and characters. Greatly helps the understanding of the point names.
The Web That Has No Weaver - Ted J. Kaptuchuk (consultant for the BBC tv seriesThe Healing Arts)
This book is a "classic" and an essential first read for Shiatus students. It gets a bit heavy going towards the end, but it explains in the first chapter very clearly the very different but complementary approaches of Western and Chinese medicine.
Anatomy of Movement - Blandine Calais-GermaineA fascinating study of how muscles and bones are used in movement. Written by a French dancer, good, clear illustrations.
Meridian Exercises - Shizuto Masunaga