Qi Gong golf for the medal competition

Success in the medal competition

Qi Gong golf is working for me! I played the monthly club medal competition and I had the third best score out of all the players in my division.  As a result my handicap index went down to 33.2 (was 33.6).  Just two double bogey scores (double bogey is two strokes over the number of strokes a player is allowed for a hole when it is adjusted for her handicap).  This is such an improvement for me.  I have been coming nearer the bottom of club competitions for months now.  I am so excited!

How I apply Qi Gong to golf

The aim of Qi Gong is to get your energy to flow, and it is done by slow breathing and moving with the breath.  

Golf swing

I practise Qi Gong for at least twenty minutes every day, when I first get up and before breakfast.  At first I used to think I didn’t have time to do my Qi Gong on my golf days.  But then I thought to myself – wait! Instead of rushing off to the golf course and arriving just in time to go on the tee I should be making the time to relax and energise before I get to the golf course.  So I make sure that i get up twenty minutes earlier and I do my Qi Gong practice.

Tai Chi swing is recommended by professionals

Take a look at this video clip introducing you to the “Tai Chi Swing“.  Lynn Marriott, LPGA professional, talks you through using Tai Chi in a drill to improve your golf swing.  Tai Chi is very similar to Qi Gong and uses the same principles.  It is more of a martial art whereas Qi Gong is about your health and longevity.

My club fitting is tomorrow!  Can’t wait!

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