I’m a week into my muffin top campaign now and time to start explaining

When this nice weather came I got out my summer clothes and decided I needed to lose some weight! Of all the thousands of words of dietary advice out there I think Paul McKenna sums it up best for me with these 4 simple principles:

1. Eat only when you are hungry

2. Eat what you want

3. Eat mindfully and enjoy every mouthful – slow down!

4. Stop when you feel you are full

If you can stick to these 4 principles alone they should make a difference within days. You will get even better results if you add some regular exercise.


I decided to start using a pedometer that I was given as a free gift some months ago and had never used. I found that had to experiment with the positioning of it at first – it works on the movement of the hips, and for me it works best clipped to my waistband at the side. I checked the accuracy by counting the steps and comparing with the reading on the pedometer.

Apparently some doctors recommend that you should try to do at least 10,00 steps a day. I was shocked to find that on a normal day sitting working at my computer or doing Shiatsu or Acupuncture treatments I did not do more than 2,500 steps! So I began to devise ways of increasing my steps. I measured my steps when hoovering or mowing the garden – hmm…only about 500 steps each. So I went for a three quarters of an hour walk – 2,000. Then a round of golf – I was disappointed that was only 3,00 steps. Best of all was a ten mile bike ride – 5,000! But interestingly I found that I could increase my steps by just not being so lazy around the house -for instance, instead of leaving things at the bottom of the stairs to take up next time I go up – I now take things straight up! The house is suddenly starting to look much tidier!

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