Shiatsu gallbladder stretchSummer is here early – time to look after your heart.


The element for Summer is Fire, and the associated organs are the Heart and Small Intestine, together with the organs described by the Chinese as Heart Protector and Triple Heater. If we have no fire in our body we have no “get up and go”!

Read more here and try the summer Shiatsu exercises or give your heart a treat and  Book a session

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Shiatsu gallbladder stretchA Happy New Year to you all, and let’s make this a healthy one!

Come and have a Shiatsu MOT!

We can check out what you need to do to – lose weight?  get more exercise? improve your posture?

Or you can just have a bit of pampering time to yourself after all the stresses of Christmas!

Go here to book it now:  Book a session

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Summer is at last well and truly over. It is still quite mild during the day, but the trees are well into shedding their leaves and our bodies are preparing themselves for the cold of winter. Metal is the element of Autumn. If our Metal energy is low, we may have problems iwith breathing and with bowels. There are a lot of sore throats and coughs around at the moment, which is a sign of our lungs being vulnerable and sensitive to the sudden changes in temperature.. Emotionally we may have difficulty identifying and maintaining boundaries.

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Well, it was so mild before Christmas and then we had all the usual excesses – so now it’s time for winter exercises! Winter is the time to look after our Kidney and Bladder – a time to close down and conserve our energy. There is often fear and despair in this season, and there have been quite a few deaths of celebrities early this year that have made us sad and aware of how precious our lives are. Pamper yourself a little and look forward to the Spring! Try this Winter exercise

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I am now offering a set of six weekly exercise classes as an introduction to Shiatsu and showing you how you can easily (and painlessly!) help yourself to keep healthy.

You will learn a few simple stretching exercises that you can do in five minutes every day as an addition to your early morning getting up routine.

Just five minutes every day works wonders! By doing this for the last fourteen years I have become more flexible than I have ever been!

We work on the six sets of energy channels:

Lung & Large Intestine

Stomach & Spleen

Heart and Small Intestine

Bladder & Kidney

Heart Protector & Triple Heater

Liver & Gall Bladder

We look at the function of these organs and how we can support them with simple exercises.

If you would like to take part in a class like this near you, or if there is a group of you interested, let me know.

Contact me on: 07795 565823

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…and it really does work! I have now lost a stone and feel great! What’s more, I have just been on holiday in Australia for three weeks, only put on one pound, didn’t have to worry for one moment, because I knew that as soon as I came back I only had to do one day’s “fasting” and I could lose a couple of pounds immediately (and I just did). It’s not really fasting – you can eat 500 calories, and for me that’s a slightly smaller breakfast and lunch, very light snacks, and a low calorie evening meal, no alcohol. You only have to do this for two days a week at first until you get to your target weight, then you can go to one day a week fasting, and it doesn’t matter if you miss a week or two.

Michael Moseley now has a book out called The Fast Diet and it is number one in the UK non-fiction charts – click through to my recommended books page to purchase a copy – get started now!

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Just touching base – this is still working well for me, and I am by no means having to do the “lean” day even once a week. I could call it my 6:1 occasional diet now, so there’s hope for anyone out there thinking this is terribly boring or arduous – believe me, if it were, I wouldn’t be doing it! I believe in enjoying all the good food in life. But this occasional low calorie day is so do-able. I just pick a day when I’m too busy to think about snacks. A day when I am out around about 6-7pm is good for me. This is my normal time when I am thinking about a glass of wine and preparing some food (cook’s nips!). If I am out at this time, when I come in it is too late to eat much, so it is easy to have a light meal. And I can always go to bed early if I am a bit hungry still – there is always the next day to look forward to when I can eat again!

I can’t recommend this “diet” enough – try it, and you will see and feel for yourself the amazing results.

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It’s still working! I have lost a good half stone now, but what is more important than the weight is the inches off my waist and hips! I am getting back into my clothes again, and I have lost that horrible muffin top – yeah! I recommend it to anyone – but check first with your doctor if you have any medical problems at all, and read the full explanation and details here For some good vegetarian recipes for 250 calorie meals take a look at this If anyone else has any good recipes – add them here in a comment if you feel like sharing them – let’s make a collection!

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At last! A diet that I can do! It worked for Dr Michael Mosley – and I have only been on it for a week and already lost 5 lbs and feel great! On this diet you have two low calorie days in a week and the rest of the time you can eat normally. On the low calorie days you try to keep to about 500- 600 calories. That’s not so difficult to do, especially on a busy day when you don’t have much time to think about food. I have a slightly smaller breakfast and lunch, cut out snacks and alcohol, and have a light, early evening meal, happy in the knowledge that the next day I can go back to normal. It’s great – I love it. And the low calorie days don’t have to be consecutive. I’ll let you know how I get on…

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Ah ha! I have noticed lately that my tummy is getting more toned and flatter. Result! Not really eating any less, but the only thing that I am doing differently is a five-minute set of easy tummy muscle strengthening exercises that I have been doing regularly every morning – it must be that. So good news, everyone! I will post them here for download – watch this space!

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